Indigenous Tours Healing

July 19, 2021

We apologize for the delayed dates. Currently everyone has been just too excited to network all dates. I am sure you know of your favorites, all our relations are bringing out new singles and LPs the music video have been amazing.

Indigenous Music Scene is live Again

North Star feat. Quincy Davis✨
Music video coming this August 🦅
This is song is all about faith, transformation and handing our life over to the Creator. As a former drug addict, I have suffered from what people call “toxic shame.” Through intergenerational … See More
We are excited to announce Pardo Guitars as one of our sponsors for the ✨VOICES OF NATIVE AMERICANA✨ Music & Fashion showcase in Vegas at the Hard Rock Cafe on July 20th from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Pardo Guitars is an Argentine manufacturing company founded by luthier Pardo Sebastian, La Plata – Buenos Aires, which produces electric guitars. Pardo has earned a reputation for making guitars; Among its less conventional models is the Pardo FireCaster, combining the characteristi… See More
Pressure is the first music video by Lindy Vision utilizing a technique known as 360 degree/immersive/spherical video. Video was shot by Ernesto Zahn and directed by Lindy Vision. Makeup and wardrobe by Lindy Vision. Pressure can be downloaded on our bandcamp

If you have not journeyed out of your back yard, I suggest you take a little trip to your back yards aGAIN. Life is begging top communicate and gift us life preserving memories. The Indigenous Music Scene is amazing, Worldwide touring is on. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES AND TOURS AS WE CONFIRM THE TOUR HAVE BEGUN.

Here are few tours on the red road.

Premier of Crystle Lightning “I’m The One”!
Show some love. Thank you!
For those asking if we are on @imdb YEAH we been doing this for over 20years
Snotty Nose Rez Kids, DJ Kookum, Crystle Lightning, Tammy Rae and your Uncle Cloudy will be KILLING THE STAGE! Tomorrow, Free Event, TONS of vendors and foods and fun, Casino and Restaurants are also wide open, Lets Goooo!
Elders whisper truth and wisdom at the same time. Proof that as we age we learn even when we don’t want to …⚡️⚡️🦅⚡️⚡️Pete Sands
Looking forward to performing new music on tour THE HU
Honored to announce that I will be performing at the 2021 Reservation Economic Summit (RES) Reception, next Wednesday evening, in Las Vegas NV 
Performing tonight at Insideout for my album release party! #IntoTheUnowned 🎤🔥Pull up to downtown Albuquerque, NM.
📷: Justin Bixler
When taking care of my family, the pistol grip Mossberg is cool, but ain’t nothing like having God in your life… All Praise to the Creator 🙌🏼 Joey Stylez
Very stoked to announce that I’ll be playing drums with Pamyua for two of their upcoming shows as well as playing with DDAT AND Pamyua in Santa Fe.
The first show with Pamyua is Monday – July 12th, 7:30PM in Albuquerque at Casa Flamenca!!
July 15, 2019 – In the frigid morning air in the malu of Maunakea, kiaʻi rose from a short and restless sleep in the puʻuhonua to take station across the street and stand against whatever TMT construction vehicles tried to pass… See More
Unleashed the hounds on the backroads today. Sage Cornelius
Carsen Gray
Excited to announce the Def-i Album Release Party at Insideout – Into The Unowned is set for Friday, July 16th! ⏲🐛🦋
Shawn Micheal Perry
Our next show is with the big boys and girls of the Country and Americana Music World!!! And Pete Sands & the Drifters are fortunate enough to have been included in this lineup at Fort Desolation Fest!!! Buy your tickets at