Ntv has launched on Nativeflix

Hello world, we are please to announce our first episode, “Indian Market Santa Fe, NM”.

We had a great time at Indian market this year met up with Lightning cloud, amazing duo, so inspirational on so many levels.

“Together we build dreams, and unite our voices, with music, that is heals us all. “

“To dance is to pray to pray is to heal”
Supaman 2017


The next day we ran into Gary Farmer and  listen to some blues, and soulful harmonica.
We can’t forget the fashion, Wow, we are in for a treat, we give you a snippet of many events to enjoy.

If you would like to learn more about Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM 
You really have to visit next year and see it for yourself.

More artsist signing up every day, we are honored and excited to be part this great movement of energy, today is a good day to Dream Big..

Indian Market – Santa Fe, NM
Native music videos and stories from around world. 

NTV is owned and operated by native musicians.
Our vision is to bring the native community together,
with indigenous art, music, news and entertainment.

Our Goal is to have a 24/7 Native Music Television.


Artist Featured first episode:

  1. Artson
  2. Pete Sands
  3. Honey
  4. Supaman
  5. Gary Farmer
  6. Funny Bone 
  7. Def-I
  8. Sky Redhawk 
  9. Shibastik
  10. PJ Vegas
  11. Lightning Cloud