Top 5 of Nativeflix

Today is another good day for our audience and fans in the Indigenous music scene. We just found out we are in the top 5 of Nativeflix streaming content! Great job by all of our artists who share the healing music with us. This is the beginning of a great movement . To show your support, go and subscribe to with the discount code of “INDIG2019” and receive the %25 discount for your subscription!
We thank everyone who is supporting the Indigenous music and film.We have now over 36 artists singed with Ntv , from all over the world including Mongolia. We are shouting out to all of our peeps in Canada, Mexico,New Zealand, Europe, Japan, England, Switzerland, Paris, Austria, New Jersey, New Mexico, New England, and China. Oh yeah Can’ forget New York. Hawaii is one of our favorite fan base’s as well! We love you all for supporting the Indigenous Music Scene..
You will notice our shows are not all up right now. That is because, we are about to launch the Official Show “Stone Soop”, this will be the home of amazing moments on stage, and stories that will help in the healing of our communities. Urban Dictionary: Soop-” To shoot a gap. Refers to the sound made when cutting it close. Often accompanies a huge adrenaline rush.” And of course what we know in traditional story time, referred to as a stone soup.
These events happening in our rural communities, has already has improved in the past few years. Every Indigenous community is changing in a good way. We’ve been recording the events as they have happen. As well as our artist who have been delivering the healing through amazing music videos, they tell gives a view that has never been seen ever before. “Herstory” is being made.
Also a note that there are great Indigenous production companies, all over Indian country now, so reach out to them, and show your support. We are so excited to announce the next chapter of Ntv Native music television. We couldn’t have done without you! Thank you, to who have helped us build a dream, for Indigenous country.
Our elders have taught us well!
We are no longer invisible.
Launch date to be announced here this month. Stay tuned! The moccasin grapevine has just been posted…

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