Stone Soop @ Indian Market August 2019

The Indigenous Music scene has always been happening, since the begining of time. Musicians and dancers have, and will be practicing their steps, and lyrics, for celebrations all year round.

“STONE SOOP” is an International Indigenous music scene, R&B, Rock-n-Roll, Hiphop, Blues, Country, Jazz, SpokenWord, Classical, and traditional. International Indigenous Artists with breath taking, and thought provoking moments through musical entertainment. A TV show for the people.
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The song on the trailer is “Come and get your love” by B. aka Brandis B. Knudsen

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Here is the list of our artists so far
Adam Chess
B. AKA Brandis B. Knudsen
Delbert Anderson Trio
Pete Sand ( Blackkiss )
Jir Project
Levi Platero
Chris Sutherland (Shibastik)
The Voice of Honey
Spencer Battiest
Wanbli Ceya (JuQ)
Night Shield
Crystle Lighting (Lightning Cloud)
Henry Andrede (Lighting Cloud)
Pj Vegas
Tony Enos
Mike Funny Bone
Sten Joddi
Jessa Calderon
Scott Kalama ( Blue Flames)
Twin Flames
Hell n Back
Lyla June Johnson
Crazy Flute
Darrell Marks ( Marks in the Sand)
Martha Red Bone
Gary Farmer
Richie Ledreagle
Nataanii Means
Cody Blackbird Band
Buggin Malone
Nisto Mc Lean ( Tyler Lizotte )
Tanaya Winder
Frank Waln
The Hu Band
Mista Chief
Hāwane Rios
Michelle Thomas
Lindy Vision
Shawn Michael Perry
Four Corners
MC Rhetorik
David Rose

More artists joining us everyday 🙂

Indigenous Music
is healing our world

One Heart Beat @ A Time!
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