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We begin 202 with a story of how we begun with the Indigenous Music scene, it is an amazing journey so far. As a producer and musician I have been given the responsibility to build a platform for Indigenous film and music.

I have just received our first listing of one year being on We have only a few viewers, as it takes a strategy for release and production protocols with legal and mastering color and sound designs.

I have been working on a few video projects for the ” Stone Soop”, including the Native Guitar Tour of 2019 in Santa Fe, NM during Indian Market. Also building relations with national organizations to connect our artist with their fans. Each month there is different events happening. However personally, I am only one human and working all the time on healing moments for the show.

For all of our artists, I am truly grateful for your participation and dedication to healing our people through music and healing moments with the song and storylines of our times and tribulations. We shout out to all of our artists who won this past 2019 Native Music Awards. Michelle Thomas we are very proud to be part fo your music video that gave us both some international claim.

Shout out to our brothers and sisters healing us all with power knowledge from our people..

Humbly I read out to tour fans and artists to let everyone know I am fighting fo run all to go global and heal with music and visual storytelling assisting us in advancing ourselves with social media and film..

I will be sending out another post following my meeting with State, and Film Office.

Shout out to our brother, and sisters who speak to us, as we heal our wounds.

RIP Wake Self.. We should have a New Music Award “The Wake Self Achievement Award. for our brother Wake Self and a new music video award from “Stone Soop” collection!

Shout out to “Electric 49” April 25th @ the Launch Pad in Albuquerque, NM.

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