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150,000 Indigenous artists worldwide creating music from the legacy of all our relatives survival stories…

Ntv Native Music Television (Ntv) is a celebration of indigenous spirit through music and dance. It seeks to bring healing, joy, and connectedness to viewers around the globe. Our mission is to be an inclusive platform that gives voice to all cultures from around the world, so that we can share in their music and stories together. 

Ntv believes that music has the power to break down social barriers and create meaningful connections between people from different backgrounds. Through our videos, interviews, and events, we hope to inspire peace and understanding among viewers everywhere. We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery – let NMT be your guide as you explore traditional music styles from around the world!  Let’s celebrate spirit, dance, and healing together! 

This is the spirit of Native Music Television.  Join us now and be part of our amazing mission. Together we will create a harmonious global community. Let’s share in the spirit and beauty of indigenous music today! 

Visit us online to learn more about NMT, find upcoming events, watch videos and much more. We look forward to having you join us on this journey! Welcome to the spirit of Native Music Television.​  Enjoy!

Ntv Native Music Television is a revolutionary online platform that celebrates and shares the spirit, healing power and dance of Native American music. With videos, interviews, podcasts and more, Ntv gives viewers a chance to experience the beauty of this often overlooked genre. From traditional pow wow drums to modern hip hop beats, 


Ntv showcases the full spectrum of Indigenous music in all its glory. So if you’re looking for an enriching musical journey through Native America, Ntv is the place to be! Tune in today and feel your spirit rise with every beat. 

Discover how music can heal – explore Ntv’s library of original content now!

Ntv Native Music Television is an amazing platform that celebrates the spirit of Indigenous music. It’s a place for healing, connection and joy through dance and song. We are proud to have such a vibrant and diverse selection of artists from across Canada, representing many different musical traditions. From pow wow jams to hip hop beats, Ntv brings together inspiring sounds that will leave you feeling uplifted and energized! So come join us as we celebrate the spirit of Indigenous music – it’s sure to be a good time! 

And don’t forget: when you visit NTV, you’re not just listening to great music – you’re also supporting an important cause. Every time you tune in or purchase a ticket for one of our shows, you’re helping Indigenous artists get the recognition they deserve. So make sure you check out NTV – because music has the power to heal and bring us together! 


Join the spirit of Indigenous music today with Ntv Native Music Television.  We can’t wait to have you on board!

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