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Starla G. Ignites the Music Scene with Upcoming Album “Supernova Phoenix Rise”

“Supernova: Phoenix Rise,”

Zia Star Records is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Starla G’s upcoming album, “Supernova: Phoenix Rise,” slated to drop later this month. An accomplished firefighter and emerging musical talent, Starla G. returns to her hometown to shoot music videos featuring her dual passions: firefighting and music, accentuated by an array of vintage hot rods.

We are happy to be part of the healing movement of the “indigenous music scene”, this is why we have made this album so powerful, and memorable….

For Immediate Release

I am fire and Music

From Fire Chief to Music Charts

Starla G., also known as Jasmine Starla Gallegos, is not just content with breaking barriers in her firefighting career. Currently completing her certifications to become a Fire Chief, Starla G. has chosen to pair her lifelong commitment to public service with a groundbreaking venture into music. She aims to raise awareness on the oft-overlooked issue of indigenous women’s invisibility through her genre-blending tracks.

About “Supernova: Phoenix Rise”

The upcoming album is an extension of Starla G.’s debut, “Supernova,” and amplifies the original’s ethos with fresh twists. “Phoenix Rise” signals not just a rebirth but also an escalation in the urgency of her message. The album explores social issues through an eclectic blend of hip-hop beats, rock riffs, and emotive lyrics. Fans can expect a deeper dive into indigenous visibility, all delivered with Starla G.’s unique flair.

A Local Affair with Global Impact

The accompanying music videos are being shot in Las Vegas, NM, and promise to be as incandescent as Starla G.’s career. Featuring her firefighting skills, the videos also showcase an array of vintage hot rods, merging the worlds of music, fire safety, and automobile culture. This local setting adds a layer of authenticity, while the themes resonate far beyond city limits.

How to Engage

Lady is here

Listeners can look forward to the album’s digital release on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for updates by following #StarlaG and #SupernovaPhoenixRise on social media.

About Zia Star Records

Founded with a mission to bring revolutionary artists to the forefront of the music industry, Zia Star Records is proud to be the launchpad for Starla G.’s scintillating career.

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