NTV premieres Artson’s new video “We Gather” featuring aprilFRESH

Lets all give a warm welcome to Iam Artson,

We are excited to Premier his new video, animation with a message…


Coming off the heels of the Van’s Warped tour, Artson delivers another dose of the Brave Star experience with is latest video for ‘We Gather’ off his latest album – Brave Star. On this track, Artson teams up with Mexica emcee aprilFRESH, and together they strike deep into the social discourse ravaging society and shaking our nation to the core. From the rewriting and unwritten histories of our people, the lies and deception within politics today, the lack of universal humanitarian standards, and the systematic desensitization and condition of our youth, Artson and aprilFRESH leave no room for subtlety in their message.
While the cinematic delivery of previous videos off the Brave Star album leveled up Artson’s storytelling, the 2D animation in ‘We Gather’ break it down to vehement simplicity. “At this point in my career I do this for the people, for the youth and for the higher vibration of our planet. As a people it’s time for us to come together and recognize what side we’re on. What will we do to make this world a better place to live? It’s time for the people to gather and stand up for what we believe, and what we know is right.” -Artson

Just as his Tarahumara ancestors ran hundreds of miles to carry messages, Artson is on a lifelong journey to spread his own message of courage and strength. Like he says in the opening lines of Brave Star, “It took me a minute to find the strength, to be brave enough to accept my power and shine my light.” And now that it’s shining, Artson can’t … won’t let it go out.

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