Nataanii Means @ Meow Wolf in Santa Fe , NM

Ntv Presents Nataanii Means @ Meow Wolf in Santa Fe , NM

Let’s give a warm welcome to Nataanii Means
Nataanii Means (Oglala Lakota, Omaha, Dine’) is a talented hip hop artist. He attended the institute for american Indian Arts and majored in Filmmaking; with a desire to tell not only his stories but stories of our people. He has performed at countless universities, high schools, middle schools and youth programs both nationally and internationally in Canada and Europe. He recently finished two European tours in 2017. He also Starred in MTV’s Rebel Music: Native America series, Viceland: Standing Rock pt ll. He has also appeared in Billboard Magazine, and The Fader Magazine online publications. Aside from music, Nataanii is an indigenous rights, human rights and environmental advocate. Often helping organizations fight against oil companies, fracking and other extraction projects that affect indigenous and all communities. He also works in youth suicide prevention on reservations across North America.  Watch Now

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