Marks in the Sand

Let’s give a warm welcome to Darrell Marks of the Navajo/Dine’ Tribe. To represent an ideal that has been fostered over the years to into many different outlets. One such outlet is music, and long been a part of a group of young entrepreneurs involved in the genre of Native music known as the DOGSOLDIERZ and a member of HOUSE 12 RECORDZ. He has set out to find my horizon and seek out a larger existence as SUNZ OF THE EARTH. He continues to remain true to my beginnings and continue to be self produced, every song self written, all with my heart and mind shared in my craft. He call himself MARKS-IN-THE-SAND. Why? Because it was the name (MARKS)that was passed down from his grandfather, my mother and on to my children. He has also expanded this to include the concept of eternity. A wish to honor his grandmother and mother, to be remembered for all time like they are and will be.. to be written in the sand, the rocks as our ancestors did.. to tell a story or a tale, to speak of our origins, and be remembered. To be painted in the sand and heal, teach and create.

He still feels that in our day and age, there is the need for warriors to stop and take a stand for what we believe in. His wish is to display no fear in a message, a message to all that we need to hold on to our identities, culture, traditions, our hearts and our families. The wish to honor our native people and voice the struggle that we all endure.
sincerely DMarks – Sunz of the Earth/Dogsoldierz
WE ARE HONORED TO HAVE HIM PART OF OUR CIRCLE OF HEALING VIBRATIONS…We are so grateful for all artist out there healing with good times and amazing grooves, that have inspired us here, to be more dedicated to the path of healing.

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