Mike Bone

Let’s give a warm welcome to LIL MIKE & FUNNYBONE,

Also known as MIKE BONE, they made their World debut with an Unforgettable performance on America’s Got Talent. These OKC brothers, though they may look-a-like they are not twins. Also what they lack in height they make-up for in talent.

MIKE & BONE have spent years making the rounds at Clubs, Casino’s, Arena’s Churches, Birthday Parties, Car Shows & even Schools.

Their songs have found radio play on Radio stations WorldWide, including Rhythm104.7, KOKF 91 FM, 98.9KISS FM, Power 103.5FM, & More. Like their most popular songs Rain Dance, which wow’d the judges of Americas Got Talent. Also Off Tha Wall, Wifey & O-City are a few of the Fans Top Requests.

MIKE & BONE have won talent contests, Been on live TV, hosted partys, DJ’d Night Clubs & opened for big-name acts such as Jacob Latimore, Wine-O, Lil Troy, BillyRayCyrus, Lloyd, Bobby Valentino, T-Bone & played gigs in Penitentiaries, and been mobbed by screaming teens in Arkansas, Canada, & New Mexico.

“These OKC brothers are from the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. Though they may look-a-like they are not twins and though they are shorter than everyone else, they are considered too tall to be midgets. But what Mike Bone lack in height they make-up for in talent and have been developing their skills not just as rappers, but as performance artists.”

Getting to that point hasn’t been easy. From homelessness to gang violence, to “size-ist” discrimination, the brothers have hustled and flowed their way from nothing to something.

The brothers are members of the PAWNEE Tribe. Shorter then everyone else, but to tall to be midgets. Their extreme faith in GOD is definitely an eye catcher, hence the name Crunk Natives with a motto they say, “Love GOD & Party.”

Born 12-23-80 LIL MIKE grew up a problem child, By the age of 10, the boy had already suffered more than most kids his age. Mike said he was abused, endured bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide. Being small and poor didn’t help. but with the help of the heavenly Father MIKE escape gang life and put all his time into dancing like Michael Jackson also writing poetry gave him the courage to stand tall in the spotlight – despite being only 4 feet 8 inches tall.

MIKE says, “Christian Music helped with his life change. The Gospel Gangsters, King Shon, T-Bone and DC Talk was in my tape player all the time.”

Mike realized he had a message to share, that could help other kids avoid gangs. He could show them that no matter how many obstacles you face, God can help you through them & that being a Christian aint so lame.

Born 1-14-86 FUNNYBONE meaning (Fully United New Nourished Young Brother Of Noble Essence) “My life has been relatively normal – no thugs or drama. I’m like exactly the amount of years younger than Mike to miss all of that stuff,” Bone said. (5 Years apart)

BONE was still a child when his older brother helped Bone use his talent for rapping & telling jokes on stage. BONE says, “the music business is pretty much their only job” besides weekends they aren’t traveling & doing shows their at Old Paris flea market in OKC, “405 Music” sharing the love with their hometown friends & fans.

MIKE BONE take Rap/Performance to a Whole New Level as influential Rappers, Dancers, & Motivational Speakers. Traveling the world, climbing charts, & gaining popularity, all while making a difference!

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