Voice of Honey

Were are so grateful to have Native women who inspire our future in music, thanks again for your talent and kind ways. Shout out to all the Native women who change us in a healing way. Music Heals….ON Nativeflix.com

Rhonda “Honey” DuVall is an independent Inspirational Advocate/R&B artist. Her style of music and words tends to open one’s eyes to a different perspective and gives her listeners a chance to unwind in the simplicity of love and thought. Some say, “She tells a message,” Others say, “She speaks of real life experiences,” Honey says, “I speak on how the world approaches me.” 

R&B artist, with a mix of Hip Hop and Soul. Her vocal abilities have been premiered for many Mainstream and Underground artists.
Born in Redlands, California, partially raised on the Dine’ reservation in Blue Gap, Arizona and partially raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, the sensational, bi-racial Honey acknowledges her influences.

“I LOVE what i do, and what i do LOVES me”
“There are many great things in life, but music tops it all off”

We take time to recognize all artist, who believe in life, and cherished cultural ways.
For all our relations we dance and sing for life. Forever….

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