Honoring Indigenous women

Today we have the opportunity to see our indigenous women shine bright in the darkness of our past. Each day we gain strength and knowledge from our relatives, teaching us how to season, and make solid tasty morsels of music, that has change how we see ourselves. Our people’s strength is solid with the richness of beauty and care.  The artists who are sharing their stories, personally give us hope .  Our struggle has been a long road of destruction and addictions, knowing our children have suffered from the invisibility force called social injustice. We have overcome so many obstacles, with laughter and a view, that has endured us through a Genocidal disfunction. In today’s climate of change, and color correction, we are now becoming a solid instilled, not distilled, complex cultural community.

We give thanks to the grandmothers , and our grandchildren, who believe in us, as we continue to flow with the river of life.

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