Ntv-Jukebox is here

We created this video jukebox as the Portal for the artists to share.
Our vision has brought us a gift, to bring us closer together, feeling a healing vibration.
We are already connected through the music and dance. Simply a path toward connecting all of life’s treasures.
Like a  flowing river to carry a message with the indigenous people.

” All life is sacred”,
Building dreams with story and song.

A place where the artist is feeling the love from the audience,
the audience is bringing it home, for all relations, world wide!

Season 2 is going to bridge a gap in our social relations,
a place where we can connect, in a good way, as modern self-healers.

Sharing song and dance for life…..

We at Ntv with all of our artists 
Thank you.
We are very grateful
for your participation in life’s treasures.

Each video is $2.99 on Nativeflix.com

Ntv Native Music Television 2018 Ⓡ

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