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January 2, 2019

Nativeflix winner

Yolanda Alaniz is the winner of the free one year subscription to

To watch season one and the newly released season two of NTV Native Music TeleVision!

2019 Happy New Year The indigenous music scenes is here, healing our people. Sharing our dreams together…

We are begining 2019 with messages of resilience, prayer, and connection to all that is sacred. With visually stunning cinematography, and music medicine to the ears, your heart mind and spirit will be lifted and inspired.

As we travel from one side of Earth to the other, we can see that indigenous people have a connection to spirit that is undeniable in the hearts of ALL people.

From Hawane Rios of Hawai’i to The HU of Mongolia… indigenous people are sparking inspiration through music vibrations. In the Protection of all Sacred places, we pray. This episode Honors John Trudell… 2-15-46 to 12-8-15

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