March 20, 2020

We begin again

This story begins with all of us looking into the hourglass as time slowly moves by, like a slow moving river. This effect is a quiet realm that can also help us to slow our minds down.

Each person who reads this will become part of a chain of healing. All people on this beautiful earth have this gift. LOVE and Understanding…

We will be planning a broadcast for April during the Gathering of Nations dates. We will be calling it “Gathering of Relations”, a broadcast for dancing and storytelling about time, when the people of earth stood still, the music will bring us closer together…

Our traditional ways have taught us to become more sensible and determined to survive. As our ancestors have led us through the struggle of cultures. This is our time to reclaim a small part of the earth and cherish our elders and youth.. We sit close to spirit now, as we are quiet, and serene.

Try to breathe easy as we slow this train down a bit for repair……

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