Year of Indigenous People


We began to hear rumors of cancellations for film, and travel, March 19th

New way of thinking

Waiting for confirmation of world wide shut down

Everyone is looking for supplies, some items are already gone…

US gets a boots of support form our Nations capitol, soon to be assisting

West Coast sends out a zen vibration to all of us, as we begin to connect

Artis are hitting the screen for your enjoyment

Music is coming form the southwest and beyond

Dancers step up to the plate and call on more healing dancing

Untied people, creatively becoming our new normal

More and more artist are giving gifts of brilliance

Canada steps up to the plate offering stars to the cause

Remember what we were just experiencing in our lives. before all of this..

Warrior society a new way of sharing

sharing knowledge and healing to an audience who is looking for answers

We begin with a prayer, and wings of light, bringing the truth o healing, that has never left our people. Still waiting to be heard and seen, we are the ones we have been looking for. As Artist and storytellers, we remember our challenges.

Now is the time to take care and gather seeds with sunlight as our new teacher. We are now becoming the people we thought we could be.

Each person will be placed in a safe zone of knowledge, sharing one another’s teachers, becoming a new way of life. Music and visuals is obviously one of our sanctuaries’ in days to come…

Thinking about gardens around the world. Compositing, and of course recycling, major activities while we have this time to rethink our ways.

Meet your daily challenges with faith in knowing, you are not alone.

Now we can begin our day understanding natures treasures, in human survival.