Tears of happiness !

We are very proud of our sister who made it now her own, with a little help from Ntv Native Music Television, we are so honored to be part of her crew. “Beautifully” is healing, and such an amazing sunrise that morning.

Guess what ???? I’m crying tears of happiness ! This would not have been possible without you!!! 
Thank you for all your love and support!!! 
We did it!!!
Coming home with a NAMA!!! 💕🎶💕
“Beautifully” – Michelle Thomas
*Best Music Video

Thank you to all that were involved in making the music video:

Written, produced, sang 
Copyrighted by 
Michelle Thomas

Producer, Director, Editor 
Pony Vigil

Director of Photography
Colmar Nicholes

Bendon Morgan
Franklyn The Boy
Jasper Howe
Ahtza Dawn Chavez

Lead Makeup Artist-April Kateri Chavez

Ah Shí Beauty Glam Team by Ah Shí Beauty Ahsaki Chachere All Rights Reserved 2019 © 


Wooohooo we did it! So proud of all the hard work my amazing music video crew put into this production! Lots of love and blessings to you!!!💕 

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